Vacation feeling and relaxation despite Corona rules

Dear holiday home guests:

Some words in this extraordinary times:

Reports from the yello press, unfortunately, make a strong contribution to unsettling our guests or interested persons for vacation on the Majorca island. The press is also supported by statements by some politicians who probably do not know the island at all and think Majorca is only to make party. Of course, this is not so! Majorca is so much more than a Party Mile! The fantastic landscape and the mild climate invite you to cycle, hike, walk on the beach, to relax.

Our vacation guests, who where spending their vacation with us this summer, consistently confirm that they where able to have a holiday feeling even in this complicated year and with Corona rules, that they could feel relaxed and safe here with us.

Yes of course, there is a mask requirement in public spaces, wherever it is difficult to maintain the required social distance.Nevertheless, you can stay WITHOUT A MASK on the beach, lie by the pool, eat in the restaurant or sit in a bar with your coffee, hike in the great outdoors or take a walk on the beach.

It is of course a very special concern for us to do everything so that you can spend a relaxing and safe holiday with us.
Cleaning of the houses has always been important for us. But of course, the current situation demands a little more!
With every guest change, we therefore take a meticulous and seriously disinfection protocol.
All handles, switches, surfaces are first disinfected by hand.
In addition, we also use an ozone generator, which makes it possible to disinfect difficult to reach places in an environmentally friendly manner, such as air conditioning pipes, upholstery covers, curtains, and so on.

Ozone is an oxygen compound that is able to destroy bacteria, viruses and mold and is a powerful disinfectant in addition to chlorine and alcohol.

In every house you will also find a dispenser with hydroalcohol disinfectant gel near the entrance, so that you can disinfect your hands as soon as you enter the house (p.e. after shopping) before touching anything in the house. There are dispensers with liquid soap in the bathrooms.

In the pool house there is also a dispenser with disinfectant gel for the hands and in addition a disinfectant spray so that you can disinfect your lounger or chair and table before using or whenever you wish.

Maintaining the social distance is not difficult on our pool area, as the size of the terrace allows you to keep several meters of distance between the loungers of the different houses.

So we think that your vacation with us can be relaxed even in these extraordinary times and we look forward to welcoming you soon ?