medicoIf you need medical care during your holiday on Mallorca, you have the choice between 2 different options:

(1) the public health system  (SEGURIDAD SOCIAL) with public hospitals and the medical centers PAC
(2) or to visit one of the private doctors or a private hospital

We recommend you to contract a travel insurance that covers travel cancellation, theft and illness. This insurance is available from many insurance companies.


(1) With the SEGURIDAD SOCIAL you will receive medical treatment free of charge with your european public health insurance card or from another country, that has a treatment with Spain. The first port of call for minor complaints would be the MÉDICAL CENTER PAC in CAMPOS
They have a 24-hour emergency service there. 
In the event of an emergency (e.g. fall with suspected fracture or more serious injuries or suspected heart attack), call the European emergency number 112 or
call directly the nummer 061 for the médical ambulancewhich will then take you to a public health hospital, such as CLINICA SON ESPASES (in Palma), HOSPITAL GENERAL DE MANACOR  (Manacor)


augenarzt(2) If you have a privat insurance or a TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE, you can visite a private doctor or get treatment in one of the many and very good private private hospitals, such as CLÍNICA JUANEDA, CLÍNICA ROTGER, CLÍNICA PALMAPLANASCLÍNICA MIRAMAR (all situated in Palma)
With most private doctors you usually have to pay for the treatment first and then bill your insurance company later. If there is an emergency and hospitalization is unavoidable, we recommend you to contact the insurance company immediately. 
International health insurance companies should send to the clinic a declaration of cost coverage so that the the clinic can then bill the insurance company directly and you do not have to pay in advance.