siegel 100The following leagal conditions are forming part of our rental contracts:

  1. In case of reservation of the vacation home, the tenant has to transfer, within 7 days after receipt of the reservation confirmation, 30 % of the total rent to our bank account.

  2. With entrance of the pre-payment specified above on our account, the option becomes a firm reservation with commitment for tenants and landlords.

  3. With resignation of the tenant of the contract, this can call a spare tenant (same person's number) for same period. The pre-payment is then credited to the spare tenant.
  4. If the tenant withdrawing from the contract should not place another tenant, the following amounts of damages become due:
    - With travel resignation more than 3 months before the beginning of the travel: 10% of the total price.
    - With resignation within 3 months until 4 weeks before travel beginning: 30% of the total amount.
    - With resignation from 4 weeks to 14 days before travel beginning: 50% of the total amount.
    - By resignation, starting from 14 days before travel beginning the total amount of renting becomes due.g.

  5. Beginning and end of the rental time are specified at page 1 in the present contract. The tenant explains expressly that it concerns a contract for a second domicile.
    If the keys from the dwelling are not handed over at expiration of the specified rental time, the tenant is obligated to take over all costs resulting in this case. In particular also costs released with the evacuation, judicial costs and the compensation of the rental up to the delivery of the keys.

  6. The landlord has to place the dwelling in condition according to the offer in the agreed time. Should the landlord not be aible to offer the dwelling to the agreed upon time, for reasons which lie outside of its sphere of influence, he has to pay back the pre-payment in full height to the tenant.

  7. The tenant commits itself to treat the house well and communicate immediately to the landlord some damage in the dwelling or if there is anything that does not work.
    The tenant commits itself, finished the rental time, to give back the dwelling in the same condition back how it took these in receipt.
    With possible damage, which is caused by the tenant, the landlord has requirement on compensation by the tenant.
    With key delivery the tenant has to depostit 250, - euro in cash as a bail.
    This money will be given back on the last renting day with tidy delivery of the dwelling without damage to the tenant.

  8. The landlord commits himself to repair possible lack, which were communicated to him by the tenant, within an appropriate period.

  9. Domestic animals may be bring along only after arrangement with the landlord.

  10. If no expressly differently agreed, the following times are valid for on and departure: Journey starting from 15:00 clock, Departure to 10:00 clock

  11. This contract is expressly subject to the Spanish rental law “Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos” and a contract for a second domicile with defined rental time.

  12. With the pre-payment at a value of 30% of the rental price, the tenant accepts the contractual conditions above and so the legally lease contract for both parties automatically is closed.

  13. Area of jurisdiction for possible arguments to the available contract is PALMA DE MALLORCA (BALEARES).